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Chained Cover

Title: Chained to the Tiger’s Bed

Author: Kelex

Publisher: Twisted E :Publishing


When Dylan Howell is handed over to a ruthless tiger to pay his father’s business debt, he’s sure his life is over. He won’t be used and abused as a sexual slave to the shifter, no matter how much he craves Jameson Ravensworth’s touch.

Jameson knows the omega lion is his from the minute the male walks into his office. The money means nothing to him, not when something he desires more is offered up to him. What’s ten million to a multi-billionaire, anyway?

Dylan struggles to fend off Jameson and his wicked lusts. The lion soon learns the depths of Jameson’s dark delights as well as senses his own depravity. As his body is tormented, he grows closer to the tiger, but how can he fall in love when he’s owned body and soul?




India, 1857

Weeks on a train had an ill effect on Jameson’s body. Between the horrid food and the constant noise, he was happy to finally see his trip come to an end. He rose from his seat and stretched his fatigued limbs as the car he’d been imprisoned in slowed to a stop.

The British East India Company had built this rail line to export their Indian goods back to the United Kingdom, not to transport passengers—although, from what Jameson had been reading, they had been bringing a number of troops to the savage land to quell the numerous uprisings of late.

The bellman assigned to him for the trip opened the door at the front of the car. Stewart, while unused to serving gentlemen, had been quite adept at his job. Jameson knew he would not have handled the journey as well had it not been for the man.

“My lord, I have been told there will be a gentleman awaiting you at the station to show you to your father,” Stewart said. “I will have one of our men take your baggage to his manor.”

Jameson clasped Stewart on the shoulder. “I thank you for your continued assistance. My journey would’ve been arduous without it.”

Stewart smiled and bent slightly at the waist before urging him forward. Jameson followed the man outside the car and stepped down onto solid ground for the first time in far too long. His calves shook… his whole body did. The vibrations of the train still moved through his body with each step he took.

“Lord Jameson Ravensworth?”

Jameson turned at the sound of his name, spoken with thickly accented English. A tall, dark brown-skinned man eyed him with curious golden eyes. He wore a tunic embroidered with a thread almost the same color as those eyes—as well as a turban of a similar shade. It was a stark reminder Jameson was no longer in England. There would likely be more interesting sights to behold along this voyage. A smile came to his lips at the thought of it all. “I am he.”

“Follow me,” the man said, turning. Jameson watched as the man quickly turned tail and left him. Thanks to a long and even gait, Jameson was quickly left behind. He placed his top hat on before trailing to catch the man. After walking through a gated door and out onto the street, he felt a stabbing pain to the back of his head… Just before darkness captured him.


Jameson awoke, his head throbbing painfully. He opened his eyes to the barest of light and it still hurt unbearably. After a few minutes, he realized he was lying on a collection of silk pillows that seemed to fill the floor about him. More silk hung from the rafters and drifted down, billowing in the evening breeze. At least, he thought it was evening from the pale light filtering in through those drapes.

“Jameson Ravensworth.”

Jameson turned his head too quickly. Pain radiated from the base of his skull, making him clench his teeth. When he was finally able to focus on who had called his name, he saw the same man from the train yard.

“What have you done to me? Where am I?”

“Your questions will be answered soon enough,” the man said. “Follow me.”

Jameson frowned. “The last time I did that, it did not go well.”

The man spun to face Jameson. “You have questions, I have answers—but you must come.”

Jameson sat there a moment, trying to consider his alternatives. He had no idea where he was, or of a means of escape from the room. Information was needed, so it was best he opened his eyes and ears and followed the man. He rose, his head swimming as he reached full height. “Lead the way.”

The man nodded slightly and turned away. As he exited the room and moved out into the hall, his pace was once again quick. Jameson rushed to follow and not be lost. After a series of hallways, he was brought into an atrium of sorts, filled with all manner of verdant fauna.

And to a man seated in the middle of the room, in a throne-like chair inset with jewels. Like the first man, he was dark of skin and hair—but, this time, he had bright green eyes. They almost seemed to glow as he took in the sight of Jameson entering the room.

The first man bowed to this new one before turning to leave the room.

Lord Jameson Ravensworth. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Jameson did not miss the slight insolence in the man’s tone, nor the unoffered hand to shake. “I might say the same if I knew who I was addressing.” The man smiled. “Rajesh is all you need to know.”

“Where am I?”

“My home.”

“Why have I been brought here?”

“To share a message,” Rajesh said. “With your father.”

Jameson stiffened. “And that would be?”

Rajesh rose from his seat. Jameson was shocked to see the man was taller than he, which was rare. His six and a half feet drew stares from those around him as it was. Rajesh was easily a few inches taller than that.

The man slowly stalked closer, with cat-like grace. “You and your ilk are no longer welcome in this country.”

“Me? And my ilk?” Jameson asked, incredulous.

“The British East India Company has been plundering and pilfering from our lands since the early seventeenth century. Two hundred and fifty years later, they are still here, still stealing, still taking that which is not theirs. Your father has not listened to our demands that the company leave, so perhaps he will listen now.”

“I am to be bargained against the company’s vacating the country?”

“They take something of value from us, so I have taken something of value from him.”

Jameson laughed. “Let me assure you—my father puts more stock in gold than he does in family. I think you might have chosen the wrong tactic.”

“He has already been made aware of your capture and seems quite interested in your return. He’s offered a large sum for you already.”

Jameson paused, shocked by the news. His father and his money were not easily separated. Likely, it was more a social requisite. If he did not outwardly play a bit of the adoring father, Lord William Ravensworth would look uncaring. Or he was biding his time in order to delay a decision.

“He will not pay it.”

Rajesh moved closer. “I do not want his money. I want his absence, and that of all those within the company.”

Jameson was shocked he had to lift his head slightly to meet Rajesh’s stare. The man was huge.

Lifting a hand to Jameson’s cheek, he caressed it. “You are quite handsome. I was not expecting that after meeting your father.”

Jameson pulled away from the touch—aghast the man had touched him so familiarly. When Rajesh cupped the back of his head and pressed his lips to Jameson’s, he fought.

The feel of a man’s lips on his—and of a firm tongue sweeping across the seam and demanding entry—it was too much. Heat enveloped him, his body tensing at the intimate touch. Jameson felt his cock quicken and begin to swell seconds before he opened his mouth, unable to fight back against the stronger man.

Rajesh’s tongue entered his mouth, tasting him. He tried to fight the sensations running through him, but he lost the battle and began to kiss Rajesh in return.

This kiss was so different. Firmer lips, a stronger clench of the hand and body. The scent of musky male… it was so foreign to him. As Rajesh drew back, Jameson felt an instant slap of embarrassment.

His face heated all the more as he saw the look of victory in Rajesh’s expression.

His handsome expression.

Before that moment, he hadn’t consciously appraised the man. Now he could suddenly see Rajesh for what he was—sex incarnate. Jameson released a shuddering sigh, shocked by the heated needs building in his body.

Gunshots rang out a short distance away. Screams and cries echoed not far from them—along with what appeared to be the sounds of a lion… or tiger. Jameson wasn’t sure. He’d only seen either in the London Zoo once, but the sound was unique enough to recount.

Rajesh pushed Jameson aside and moved to the door. He slammed it shut and turned the bolt. After, he spun to face Jameson. “We must leave.”

“What’s happening?”

Rajesh moved forward before dragging Jameson along. Jameson dug his heels in and fought against the man’s hold.

“Where are you taking me?” Jameson glanced over his shoulder as he heard a banging on the door Rajesh had just closed. “They’re here to save me.”

Rajesh jerked to a stop and yanked Jameson closer. As Jameson watched, the man’s body began to contort and twist in unholy ways. Jameson backed up, signing the cross over his body. Had his father seen the impact of his mother’s Catholicism on him, it would’ve shamed the old man but, in that moment, it was the only thing Jameson could think to do.

Rajesh morphed into the shape of a mighty tiger, his stripes emerging as light fur coated his body. It roared—its mighty maw opening wide and exposing massive, sharp teeth Jameson knew could rip him into shreds.

He stepped back slowly, trying to put distance between himself and the tiger. The sound of banging at the door grew incessant as the animal stalked closer.

The tiger stared up at him with Rajesh’s glowing green eyes. There was no doubt this time—they indeed glowed with a preternatural fire. Jameson swallowed back the fear tightening his throat as he stared down the unnatural beast.

Jameson put out a hand, as if that alone could save him. “Don’t hurt me. Please, don’t.”

As the door flung open, the tiger pounced and sank his teeth into Jameson’s neck. He screamed for half a second, the sound drowning out as his blood filled his throat. Jameson choked on the coppery liquid flowing into his lungs.

Everything blurred. Flashes of light and darkness passed by. He thought he heard a gunshot ringing out and the scream of his father saying “No!” before he once again faded into nothingness.


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