Aaron’s Mate By Tamsin Baker

Aaron’s Mate


By Tamsin Baker

M/M paranormal erotic romance.

Book 2 in the ‘Borough Boys series.



Aaron Tanner is the Alpha werewolf of the Greensborough pack. As with all his kindred, Aaron bears a mark which will match his perfect mate. But he’s been searching for nearly twenty years … and failing. The ache of longing in his body and soul grows harsher with each passing day.
Grayson’s mate Reagan brings hope when he spies a young were with the same mark, but the man disappears in the chaos of the fires that ravage Greensborough. Aaron’s not sure how much longer he can hold on …
Jordan Macky has grown up believing he will never mate. Even his own mother told him he was unworthy. Having accepted his fate as a cast-off, he’s horrified when a mark develops on his chest that matches that of the Alpha’s.

Aaron is a great man, and Jordan admires him from afar, but he could never live up to the standards set by the pack for their Alphas … or can he? Perhaps his old beliefs are just that. But, just as Jordan prepares to stand at his mate’s side, the Rogues strike and
Aaron is badly wounded.

Has Jordan waited too long, or this time, will it be the Gamma who is called to save his Alpha?

Howl with the pack again in this hot, exciting MM paranormal–get your copy of Aaron’s Mate today!




There was even an open fire place and a plush rug, just waiting for the right couple to crawl all over it, on a cold winter’s night.

“You’ll stay here with me while we sort all this out.”

Jordan stared at the man destined to be his mate. “Where do I sleep?”

Aaron stomped across the floor boards and threw open a door with an aggravated flair.

“The spare rooms in here. Go for it.”

He moved into the other bedroom and slammed the door shut.

Jordan trembled and let his body have its way. He slithered to the floor and wrapped his arms around his knees.

He didn’t want to be here. He wanted to go home. But he didn’t have a home anymore and with Reagan the traitor dobbing him in, he didn’t have the friends he thought he did either.

He grimaced at the thought.

Why had he trusted a human like that?

He should have known better.

He glanced towards the front door and for a brief moment considered running. Again.

How far would you get?

He let a long sigh flow out of his body and he hugged his legs tighter. He couldn’t do it. He’d practically promised he wouldn’t, and how far would he get with no car anyway?

One of the bedroom doors opened and Jordan looked towards the kitchen. Aaron had stepped back into the room, his eyes narrowed. “It’s late and I’m exhausted. There’s food in the fridge if you’re hungry. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Jordan nodded and bit his lip. Aaron sounded angry at him and it made him want to dig a hole in the front yard and bury himself in it.

Some Alpha’s mate you make!

A groan rolled through the big Alpha with a tortured strength that echoed around the room.

“For God’s sake, don’t do that!”

“Don’t do what?” Jordan wrapped his arms around himself and tried not to crawl into a ball and sob. An Alpha mad at him was bad enough, but his body recognised Aaron as his mate, and to hear his tones so harsh was as painful as a knife into his spine.

“Bite your lip, all sexy like that. I’ll pick you up and put you straight into my bed if you keep tempting me like that.”

The images Aaron’s words invoked were pure bliss after the pain of his recent rejection. A moan slipped past Jordan’s lips before he could stop it. It had been so long since anyone had touched him, and to feel Aaron against him would be the sweetest kind of torture.

Aaron froze, his nostrils flaring like a bull in heat and then he moved. Storming across the space and scooping Jordan up into his arms.

Jordan went willingly. Clinging to the huge man as Aaron carried him into his bedroom with a few fast strides.

“Get naked. Now.”

Aaron dropped him down to the floor and Jordan couldn’t comply fast enough. He knew that doing this would confuse him and make it so much harder to fight against their need for each other later. But as the blur of lust clouded his brain further, he let go of all resistance and flung himself into the path of danger.



Tamsin Baker loves everything erotic. Her books can be long, short and everything in between, but they’ll all be fast paced with snappy dialogue and lots of sex. No Tamsin Baker book is the same except there won’t be a lot of angst in as she wants her books to be everything that a fictional world can be- full of happy ever afters, dirty words and sweet love. ‘Love is love’ and she tries to show that in a range of sub genre’s, from m/m contemporary to paranormal ménage. She has a need to shock people and bring up embarrassing topics at the most inappropriate times.



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