His Kind of Beautiful


(Carlisi Familia Book 2) by Maia Dylan


Tony Moretto lost the woman he loved, and he has no idea how to get her back…

From the moment he set eyes on Leona Underwood, he recognized her as his, but he let the opinions of his father stop him from acting on it. The familia using her as an informant against a rival family didn’t exactly lend itself to happily ever after either.

Leona was a broken woman. She’d seen a lot of horror in her lifetime. Her childhood sucked, she’d sold her body to survive, but had ended up working for a crime family that actually seemed to care about her. When a way to help them presented itself, she did it willingly, but paid a terrible price.

Now she was scarred, both inside and out, and convinced that no one could ever want her now. When she disappears, it brings Tony to his senses, and he knows he has to convince Leona that she was exactly his kind of beautiful.


**The first story in the Carlisi Familia ANGEL MINE begins in the Lawless anthology

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Reviews for Angel Mine book 1 and His Kind of Beautiful Book 2:

4 Fabulous Stars

Angel Mine (Carlisi Familia Book 1) by Maia Dylan

The first book in a new series by Maia Dylan, I am excited to read more. The Carlisi familia are under attack and when their Poppa is taken it is time strike back. Great characters and a well delivered storyline made this and fabulous start to this series.

His Kind of Beautiful (Carlisi Familia Book 2)

His Kind of Beautiful continues from where Angel Mine concludes and continues the story of the Carlisi Familia. Tony has lost one of the most important people in his life and he will not lose the other. Determined to bring rest to the family he and his brother set out to take back what is theirs. A compelling short read this one kept me engaged with its realistic characters and story. I would definitely recommend this book and series.


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