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Hi all. It’s so great to be here and talking about my latest Regency from Evernight Publishing, The Dom who said Please.

I love writing Regency because its so interesting to discover what (as far as we know) really went on in those days. What we can discover, then that’s where a good and credible imagination helps. Especially with regards to BDSM.

I just hope I’ve managed to get it all right.

As I’m sure you all know the lovely author Doris O’Connor lost her battle with cancer earlier this year. She was like a sister to me. My husband and I are honorary grandparents to her children, and we spoke every day. Even though we lived at opposite ends of the country we got together regularly.

She always said she loved my Regencies more than anything else so I started writing this for her, when she went into hospital. Sadly she didn’t get to read the end, but I’d told her the plot and she approved.

I hope it works for you as well.



Widow Eleanor Charter knows one thing. She does not want to marry again.

Especially not to someone forceful and dominant.

So why is Theo Moncur, the Earl of Glensmoor interested in her?

As far as she is concerned any man who considers himself dominant, whether he is or not, will play no part in her life. She will be in charge of her life.

Dominant Theo doesn’t have marriage on his mind.

Having given his mistress her congé, his growing attraction toward Eleanor makes him wonder if she would fill that place.

He sees something in her, that appeals.

The lady would be a perfect submissive—not that she agrees.

However the more he gets to know her, the more he understands she is the only lady for him.

Now all he has to do is persuade Eleanor to agree.


And a wee tease, as we say in Scotland…


Glensmoor. The man whose eyes followed her every move. Which, she decided, amused as she made her curtsy, made it seem as if those penetrating orbs had a mind of their own.

Whilst her friends, Clarissa and Mary twittered and uttered what seemed to her to be inane comments guaranteed to make any gentleman’s eyes glaze over and his attention wander, Eleanor studied Theo out of the corner of her eye. A smile played over his lips as he appeared to pay attention to her their chatter. However, she was certain his mind was only partly on their conversation. Which it seemed was true, for during the first lull in the conversation, he glanced from one to the other and smiled in such an oh-so-charming manner, and Eleanor was immediately suspicious.

She was correct to be so. He looked at her and smiled in such a way she heard Mary sigh. With a swift glance to Eleanor that seemed to dare her to defy him, his lordship took her arm and folded it around his before he bowed to her companions. That close, his heat, his scent—male and a hint of port, perhaps—surrounded her and gave her thoughts that were more than likely inappropriate for during a ball.

“Ladies, I have come to steal Lady Eleanor away. My godmother desires to talk to her and I have questions to ask her about a pet. So if you will excuse us?”

 A pet?

Clarissa and Mary blushed and chorused, “Of course, we will see you later, Eleanor.”

Eleanor schooled her features into a pleasant expression. She was too much of a lady to beg them to stay. Nevertheless, as soon she and Theo moved away, she tugged to disengage her arm. He chose not to let her.

“Enough, it stays.”

Oh lord, that tone of voice. It was firm enough to make her quiver. It was either time for an undignified tussle or a reluctant acceptance. Eleanor chose the latter, though she was certain her carriage must ooze disapproval. She hoped so, at any rate. Dratted man.

Theo’s eyes glinted in the candlelight. His expression was one of amusement. At least it wasn’t smug. If it had been, Eleanor understood herself well enough to realize there would have been a spectacle for those present to dine out for the rest of the season and beyond. Few knew that once her temper was roused, she had no control over it, and the resultant furor could be catastrophic in her present surroundings.

“I’m glad you’ve accepted it is not sensible to try and pull away,” Theo said in a voice that made her nipples harden and her juices gather in a manner she had never known before, not even when she pleasured herself.

That was so unexpected, she tripped over the hem of her gown and was glad of his grip.

“Careful. You would hurt yourself if you continued pulling your arm away,” Theo added in a voice she had never heard before. “Even before you almost tripped. I wonder why that was? Do I excite you, pet? Your scent makes me think I do. I wonder what it is that makes you feel so? Shall we find out?”

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