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Braced (Brody Brothers Book 2) By Stacy Gail is finally here, and you’re going to love it! This is the one that got away, but Fin has a second chance to make things right; but can the past be left behind?


I missed you, and I needed to see you again.

And that’s the last thing Lilah Ledbetter wants. She’s been down that road with Finian Brody, and she’ll be damned if she’ll let him hurt her again—no matter how hot he still makes her burn.

You deserve better, and I want the chance to give you better.

Epic truck sex should never be followed by a broken heart, but that’s exactly what Fin gave Lilah, all those months ago. Nudging her into a job at Green Rock Ranch is hardly the way to make amends, though her body doesn’t seem to get the message.

Tell me you want me, Lilah. Say it.

Heaven help her, she does. Avoiding Fin when they’re working together is next to impossible. He’s still arrogant as hell, but there’s something different this time around.

He’s changed.

But so has she.

Feel all of me with all of you, sunshine, and know this is where you belong.

Fin might be sure they belong together, but Lilah will have to bury the past before giving Fin—and love—a second chance.

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Seducing Her Prince (Rich and Royal Book 1) by Jen Katemi is available now and what an amazing story it is! A Blue Blood prince meets a girl with a questionable past and jaded outlook on life. Yet, this one is a must read in one sitting!
Sometimes lust and love collide. And sometimes, betrayal can destroy everything.
The moment Kasper lays eyes on Eleni, attraction flares between these polar opposites. As Crown Prince, Kas is used to taking whatever he wants, and this enigmatic seductress with a mysterious past is there for his pleasure. Whenever and wherever he dictates.
Eleni has never experienced anything as strong as the passion that burns when Kas holds her in his arms. Her secret should prevent her from taking what he gives, and yet the lure of desire is too powerful to resist.
When hidden treachery is exposed, the truth threatens everything Kas and Eleni hold dear. Will love win out against duty, or will the fiery struggle for power destroy it all?
SEDUCING HER PRINCE is the first book in Jen Katemi’s RICH & ROYAL series about hot royals, steamy scandals and the heady lure of desire. So check out Jen’s website for all the purchase links and a peek at book two, Protect and Obey.
Please note: this contemporary romance novella previously appeared in the Royal and Reckless Box Set.

GABRIEL is here!

The third book in D.B.Reynolds Stone Warriors is finally here and set to rock your world!

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It was a time when gods walked the earth, when armies fought not for bits of land, but for the very existence of humanity. On such a battlefield, five formidable warriors stood against an evil greater than any the earth had ever seen. But evil is not an honorable foe. Betrayed by someone they trusted, the warriors were cursed, one by one, tossed into the maelstrom of time, imprisoned in stone, their freedom resting on nearly impossible conditions. Until. . . .

Gabriel Halldor. . . one of the fiercest warriors the world has ever seen, but his tremendous skill can’t save him from a sorcerer’s curse. Trapped in stone and left lying in darkness for thousands of years, he is, at long last, brought into the sunlight of a Japanese garden, where a young girl comes to sit at his feet and read him stories as she grows to womanhood.

Hana Himura. . . beloved granddaughter of a Japanese mob boss, raised to the life of a warrior. When death comes for her grandfather, he sends her to the one guardian courageous enough to protect her from a sorcerer who will stop at nothing to have her.

Raphael. . . the most powerful vampire lord on earth, and the only man who can save Gabriel and Hana from an enemy who would enslave them both.

Running from the certain death that awaits them in Japan, Hana and Gabriel flee to Malibu and the vampire lord her grandfather called friend. Raphael is magic and power combined, and Gabriel and Hana will need both if they’re going to survive long enough to defeat their enemy and light the flame of desire that’s been simmering between them for years.